Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here comes the Director's Cut

When I originally wrote the episodes in March, April and May I had no idea how bloated the storyline Episode 7 started would become. I figured that the thread of Episode 7 would be over and done with by the time I reached Episode 13. Instead, the story was starting to ramp up, not plane down. Sometimes the story writes itself.

Add to this my realization that Episode 1 took place in January and the arrival of the Leprechauns in Episode 7 was miraculously only days away from St. Patrick's day in March, leaving about two months of missing story running around somewhere. Which brings us to the Director's Cut.

So in short, I started to revise the story.
It seemed like a good time to go back and flesh out the things that would have lead up to a journey into the tree. Besides, that way the climax can occur at the Pole right around Christmas!

I know it's not linear, but the story got away on me before I knew it! Besides, given the space/time possibilities within the story itself, maybe we're all just traveling the Tree.

I've taken out the post Episode 7 installments until the new episodes are done. When they're finished, I'll repost them all in sequence, with slight editing to reflect the story as changed by the events prior. That might sound confusing, but solider'll all make sense by December 31.

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Gotthammer said...

And for anyone who might be interested, the manuscript I keep of the whole story is now at 120 pages...